Sunday, June 28, 2009

Red Lake County Fair at Oklee

I put up photos from the fair at my flickr account. Our family had 34 entries, but we didn't win the $100 drawing. Rats! It was a wet weekend. Donna was probably the smartest one of us. She just enjoyed the water.

The RLC Fair has been dwindling over the past two decades. Much of it seems to be due to government regulation. Dairy farmers have gone out of business during these decades. Small family farms don't seem able to survive. So what is left for the fair are floral arrangements, cooking goods, and arts and crafts.

The other societal change that seems to have affected the fair is that more and more households depend upon weekday salary jobs for both parents. Doing things at a fair would require taking valuable time off. This has also affected congregations. Having a funeral, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, or other event during a weekday is much more difficult than it was 20 years ago. Attendance at such events is thinned out. Serving a funeral during a weekday requires taking vacation time.

Next year is the Oklee Centennial. Hopefully, for this event, the Fair will be very well attended.

I put one of my kid bows in the fair this year. I won a prize. Next year I hope to put in a home made laminated recurve. I haven't done laminated wood bows yet. God willing, time allowing, I can make something beautiful and functional.

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