Sunday, June 14, 2009

The New Building

The rainbow shows where the new building is located. Shane and his crew built this in four days.

Dig and lay out the foundation.

Here's the floor.

John tried to find out as much as he could about how the building went up.

While VBS was going on Shane and his crew set up the building.

I am amazed at how fast this was put up.

I remember when we built my grandparent's house in 1972 ( I think), and my job was to carry lumber from the table saw to my relatives who built the house. When I was in high-school we built an addition to our kitchen. I did lots of different jobs during that. And I remember smashing my thumb a couple of times when we put new shingles on our work-shed. Yeah, I bled on the shingles. And I wasn't afraid of heights then.

This is the front, not quite done.

An interior photo.

This is from the south east side.

The building is done now, except for hanging the garage door and routing electricity.

The kids want to sleep in it this summer. That sounds fun.

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