Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Letter to our Minnesota Senator

I sent this this evening to our only senator.
Dear Senator Klobuchar,

Your website masthead says that you are "Working for the People of Minnesota."

The Cap and Trade bill will be coming before you for your vote. From what we have been able to read of this bill in this short time the destruction of jobs, private property rights, and extremely high energy costs will devastate Northwestern Minnesota.

Two major employers in our area are Arctic Cat and Digikey. They are already laying off large numbers of employees due to the recession. Higher energy taxes will cause them to close. Farming will become unprofitable. And thousands of Minnesotans in our area will become destitute.

Federal Government can never provide for citizens. The government must tax the productivity of citizens to carry out its Constitutional duties and other duties the government creates through legislation.

With the Cap and Trade legislation there will be no one left to tax. Citizens in our area are already stretched thin and bleeding by the recession. Additional energy taxes will be beyond our ability to pay.

Very few people are able to live off the land in these days. It is not like the time of the Great Depression when people still knew how to raise their own animals and crops. Now we are dependent upon foreign oil, coal, electricity, shipping and trucking just to get the food needed to keep our children healthy.

A vote in support of the Cap and Trade bill is a vote against the citizens of Minnesota. Those who live in large urban areas will be hurt first and hardest. But the hundreds of thousands of rural Minnesotans who depend upon trucking and grocery stores for their food will begin to hurt with them.

Please defeat this bill. It is not alarmist to say that the lives and livelihoods of the people of Minnesota will be destroyed if it should pass.

Joseph Abrahamson

Write to her. Her website is and the link to her phone numbers is write a message to her is at

Senator Klobuchar's website uses a web technology called cookies to keep track of who has already contacted her. The last link given above should give you a choice to give an opinion or choice on an issue. Select that. Then fill out the web form with all your personal information so she knows that you are a Minnesotan who is concerned about the Cap and Trade bill. Be polite in you comments, and tell her what you think.

My family is dependent upon the willingness of our congregational members to support us. And we are grateful to them beyond our ability to express. This bill that was passed by the House will affect all of our members so adversely that they will not be able to support their pastor and his family.

That fact alone is reason enough for a pastor to speak out against a bill before our Senators. The Cap and Trade bill will destroy small and local congregations simply because their members exist on the free market. Cap and Trade destroys the free market. If you haven't read the bill, and it is big, You can read it here. None of the Legislators who voted for it have read it. They couldn't have. The time was too short.

So the Legislature passed a bill by a 4 vote majority that will impoverish most Americans and make them dependent upon the Federal Government. It would take 12 hours or more to read this bill. That's just reading, understanding takes a longer time. But none of the Legislators had this time to consider the bill before a vote was forced.

Now it is the Senate's turn. Our President wants this bill passed. Do your duty as an American citizen and plea for your right to private property and the basic freedom to trade with your neighbors. The Cap and Trade bill will take both private property and freedom to trade away.

I'm sorry this post was so political. I am concerned about my family and my congregation members. This bill will change too many things. It will destroy industry in this country and force jobs overseas. Gasoline will be in very short supply because the Fed. has prevented the U.S. from developing our own massive oil reserves and coal reserves. Every laborer is affected.

Tell Senator Klobuchar to vote against this bill. And contact other senators with the same message.

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