Saturday, June 13, 2009

I need a new car

Friday evening got a call from Mavis. Louisa and I ran in to check on her. We had devotion with her and talked a while. She seems quite worried and a bit confused. Please keep her in your prayers.

Inge was croupy tonight.

It's early in the morning. About 2:45am or so we decided to take Inge into the ER in Fosston. Her breathing and coughing was pretty bad. And we've had plenty of experience with the other kids to know when bad is bad.

In Fosston at 3:50am or so. Nembulizer treatments and a prescription for Prednezone. Leaving Fosston by about 4:20.

Just a few miles north of Fosston a deer jumps out of the East ditch right in front of the car. I mean right in front. No way to steer any direction. Thankfully I wasn't doing above 50mph. None of us were hurt in any way. Just ticked off. I told Mary not even a mile before, "Let's be careful, this is a dangerous time of day for deer." The light from the sun was brightening the horizon, but left the ditches dark.

We stopped. I picked up all the plastic and glass debris I could find. I could hear the deer gasping and dying in the woods off the east side of the road. I left the guts on the road, got the nearest house number, and we drove home.

I'm afraid the damage to the hood, grill and right front quarter panel, the radiator mounts and probably a bunch of other things will add up to much more than this trusty little Ford Escort is worth. I bought it for $2100 and put another $1300 into it or so. I got 100,000 miles out of it at about 35mpg. I'm not complaining about the car. I'm complaining about the deer.

You can see the reasons we were able to make it home in this photo. First, the bumper didn't buckle. It deflected the deer away (and around to the top a bit) from the car without failing. Second, the alternator mount didn't move even though everything was jammed up against it. This preserved the serpentine belt. Maybe someone wants it for a fixer-upper. I don't.

Inge is doing better. She's sleeping now. Mary's asleep.

I'm too wound up to sleep.

I'll have church and Sat. School then come home, get Mary, and go to Fosston for shut-in visits. Mary will pick up the prescriptions.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, it's Mary's birthday today.

Happy birthday, Mary! I love you. Thanks for marrying me.

Grandpa, given that Inge is sick and I'm now without a car, I won't be able to come and see you this Monday. I'll try to get new wheels soon so I can get down to you and Grandma. Love ya.

Inge just puked up her first dose of Prednezone.


Madi said...

If you get a rental, don't lose the keys like we did! ;)

Hope Inga gets better.

Anonymous said...

I may be able to steer you to some one who can locate replacement parts pretty cheap for you to repair it yourself. It isn't that hard to unbolt the fender and hood. Ernie