Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hog

There's an ad on the radio for STP that sounds like Owen Wilson. He voiced Lightning McQueen in the Pixar/Disney movie Cars. What stood out to me in this radio spot was Owen's typical whining and then saying "I want to be the guy who slaughters his own hog."

I laughed. I'm now envied by Owen Wilson (at least his character in the commercial).

I did just that this past week. Jaime and his family raised the hog. I slaughtered it. Jaime helped me get it in the trunk of the car. I went to Shane's home, he taught me how to gut and clean the hog. We cooled it off in freezers overnight. Then the next day I packed all the meat away in our freezers. It took me about 5 hours to cut and pack. Thank you to Amanda and Ethan for the help trimming and wrapping. Thank you to Jaime and Audrey for the food. Thank you to Shane for the guidance and help with the initial cleaning.

Oops, I just remembered, I have 1/2 a gallon of trimmings in the downstairs fridge. I guess I'll have to do those tonight.

I have another gallon of trimmings in a freezer for sausage.

So, when the Jacobsons get her tonight or tomorrow, we'll have hefty fresh organic pork chops.

No, no photos. I'll try to give a photo tutorial that next time. I'm sure you all would like that.

Now I've done several deer, a couple of sheep, and a hog. If anyone is butchering a cow, I'd like to come over to learn how and lend a hand.

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