Monday, June 01, 2009

End of May First of June (backdated)

Spring has arrived. Although the weekend of June 1 there were still snow flurries in North Dakota, throughout Canada, and frost on our ground in the morning even to the 6th of June.

Friday we went to TR to get stuff for Mary and the kids' trip to grandma and grandpa's this weekend. Matt and I went to do a shut-in visit for Mavis. Actually we met her and her daughter at the Hosp. door. She was being admitted for Congestive Heart Failure. I spent some time with her. Then home to help the kids get ready.

Saturday 5/30 I had worship at Mt. Olive, followed by Sat. School. Then home. Mary was taking the kids down to my folks' place to pick up Jeremy from his school year so he can spend the summer with us. Just after I got home from Mt. Olive Mary called: "Joe, I got a flat tire. We're somewhere. I don't know, north of Wadena, maybe?" And then Matt got someone from a farm about 1/2 mile away. Mary hung up. I had to go to TRF for Cora R's funeral. Please keep her family in your prayers.

After the funeral I went to the Hospital to check on Mavis, she was still weak, but doing somewhat better. Please keep her in your prayers.

The back to the funeral home and out to St. Petri for committal. The ground was too wet to have the grave dug beforehand. The undertaker and I stayed after the service with the grave diggers and saw to it that Cora was buried properly.

Then off to Radium for Caleb L's Confirmation. It was nice to see all the folks at Radium again. I got home about 10:15pm or so.

Sunday morning I had a gluten reaction. It started around 4am. I couldn't get it under control until about 9am. I swallowed a lot of Immodium.

Eye candy.
I was able to hold services at Oak Park and Nazareth, but I didn't stay for the meal at Nazareth. I needed to recover.

Monday I worked on a speech about Socialism and Gun Control for a Tea Party coming up on June 11 at Thief River Falls.

Mary and the Kids got home Monday evening.

What a girl does with lipstick.

During the day Monday I also worked a bit on splitting out bow staves from the Ash log Kim and Barb dropped off. I've got two blanks now that are shaping up as Holmegaard style bows.
A fuzzy photo of Jeremy
We put the kids to work mowing right away. It took a while. I did the longest grass around the garden on Monday. They all want to use the rider. We make them use the push mowers. Physical exercise. Perhaps I should get an old human powered push mower for them!

Monday, June 1, would have been my brother's 40th birthday. I'm glad mowing doesn't take much thought. Rather, it allows a person to think, to remember, to look back, and to look forward. And though sad, it is good.

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