Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tooling Up for LePew

Lets start things off with a musical link: Metamora: Plum Creek/New Waltz

That way if you have the inkling you can listen while reading.

(Metamora is the group that did Little Potato. And if you haven't heard that song, well, then my heads-up didn't help at all, now. Did it?)

Here we are tooling up for Pepe LePew:

OK, there are two main methods for intervention in the photo, and one method for clearing the area.

Since the area was fouled last night we start with clearing the area:
I followed the advice of three different sources (and one commentator-thanks)

1 qt Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% solution
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1 tsp diswashing detergent (not Dawn)

Put it in a sprayer and cover the affected area: car, garage, Mission News sitting in the garage. We'll see tomorrow, though it smells better already tonight. I did the mom-cat and her kittens also. Couldn't find the tom.

Matt and I picked up the ingredients, some groceries, and did some business in town today.

Methods of intervention:

1) low caliber firearms.

This was learned the hard way. I apologize to those who've heard this story. So I'll tell it in Haiku
Skunk under our deck
A Winchester 94
Wow! That smell endures.
Instead of using high powered rifles, we use small arms rim-fire tools against varmints like this. Less, emmm, juicy.

2) second method: the Live Trap!

The live trap is not because I think I'm humane. It's just that I can lure the varmint out; confine him in a cage where he can't raise his tail at me; and I can transport him to a more remote place of disposal.

Supper was great tonight. 12 thickly sliced potatoes fried in lard in our 14" cast iron skillet, carrots for veggies, and brats for meat.

The nice thing about cooking with lard is not just that it collects in your arteries after you eat it, it also fills your bronchi while you cook! Wonderful.

Random photo of a part of our Mahjong set. The particular glyph might be significant to Harris fans.

And just a nice pic of Stella holding Inge.

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