Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Tardy, Tardy post

I guess I'll have to skip a bunch of stuff. And just do a few things.
Last Sunday was Jake's Confirmation at OP. My family was at the OP dinner in honor of Jake while I went to finish services at Naz. Then we got ready to go to Jake's for the afternoon. The evening was piano recital.

Clara and Louisa's Duet

Elsie and Holly Duet

Clara's Solo

Elsie's Solo

Louisa's Solo

Laura and Jaime, I've got the video's of Audrey put on a CD for you.

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J. Jacobsen said...

Sonja says she really likes the job the Abrahamson girls did in their recital. Eva says she likes the music, too. Both are taking piano, and are also preparing for a recital. We all say thanks for posting these videos.