Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday-Monday May 17-8, 2009

Sunday was very nice. I held worship at Naz, Oak Park, and St. Petri.

After this we had lunch. I got up at about 5:30. Lunch was around 1pm. And after getting the dishes done and things picked up we went to Hartz Park in TRF.

The photos are from our time in the park. I had dropped off my Ford Escort to get 2 new tires and an oil change. We had to be back there before 6pm.

We got my car in time and went home. Clara spent the day with Barb and Kim. She was learning to ride horses. And, yes, she learned what saddle sores are.

Mary stopped by Kim and Barb's place. I went to Kim's parent's place. Both were likely places where Clara could be. At Kim's folk's place I found a birthday party dinner going on for Kim's dad, Juel.

Clara hadn't eaten yet. So I waited. Mary called with news that Doris N. had a brain hemorrhage. I got ready to go to Bemidji to be with her and her family.

Barb went with Clara to their place and then brought Clara home. I went to Doris and her family.

Doris is not expected to live for much longer. We had deathbed services with all her kids except Tim. Please keep Doris and her family in your prayers.

Got home at half-past 11pm.



Winkel paper, mowing, cleaning garage and elsewhere, splitting wood, exercize.

Doris was stable, though bad. Jared and Jessica stopped by this evening as they came back from the hospital in Bemidji.

Matthew worked on a different stock for his 1898 Mauser today. After he finished it we shot it a few times. I did much better with my Winchester '94. The original stock on the Mauser was heavy and gave very little kick when it was shot. This new stock is 3 pounds or more lighter. Matthew felt like he'd hurt his shoulder with the new stock. Live and learn.

Seth is doing better. He is healing pretty well.

My left foot is doing better, and though I still have some coughing, my flu seems to be soon over.

For my foot I folded up two paper towels into a bit of a triangle and duck taped it to the insole of my shoe. The pain started to go away within a few hours. Remember this tip if you have instep and heel pain.

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