Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pepe LePew

The @*!# skunk sprayed in our garage tonight.


Sorry, skunks are God's creatures too. Some people think skunks smell nice.

I wish all of us, especially me, were so gifted.

Personally, if I see it again, I am going to shoot it. It already made a stink.


Anonymous said...

A couple years ago ,Our cat found a skunk and got sprayed!Peroxide and Baking Soda works on Cats,maybe it will work on garages! ~Amanda P.

madhenmom said...

Oh, Joe, I feel for you. Shortly after Grace was born our sassy dog, Scooby, got sprayed. I was very sleep deprived and definitely not amused. The peroxide with baking soda and dish detergent worked for us (we did use Dawn).

Some friends of ours had a dog get sprayed. They sent him into their basement. Unfortunately, that was just when the furnace kicked in and the blower spread the smell throughout the house. They had to air out all their bedding, including pillows and mattresses. Ugh. I can't even imagine.