Thursday, May 28, 2009

LePew Prevention

I reported yesterday about 2 vectors in our program for eradication of LePew (trap and firearm). I also mentioned the cleanup formula. Guess what, It works very well. I wished Ida known it back in ought two when I vaporized that other pole cat nunder our deck. Whew!

So, we have eradication and cleanup. What about prevention?
This product is familiar to bow hunters, muzzle loader hunters, and trappers--perhaps even to some rife hunters or slug throwers. But I bet it sounds pretty revolting to the rest of you!

Actually, it smells better than many perfumes sold to men and women today-but I hasten to add that I won't be using it as my cologne.

I bought two 2 oz. spray bottles from Hunters Outlet. So far I've only used 2/3 of the first. I put down some fox scent in the back of the garage and in some nooks and crannies in the garage so that the scent will linger. It's pretty undetectable ( I think-- maybe the skunk was just too overpowering and my nose isn't working right). I also sprayed it around the doors in the concrete and wood entrances to the garage, along the wood of the board walk, under the deck, and up the deck steps.

Maybe it will keep the cats from coming in too.

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