Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Busy Week

Fighting plantar fasciitis and recovering ok. My paper-towel and duck tape instep supports work well. We had Winkel in Lengby on Tuesday. After Winkel I went down to Bemidji to be with Doris and her family. We had devotion.

Wed morning we had a hummingbird in the garage.
Another shot of the humming bird.

We also had two sparrows in the garage that day. Did prep for VBS, wrote Word of the Week for Grygla Eagle. I have to finish 5 articles for June. Sermon prep

Thursday, day off; went to RLF park. Matt caught a Northern, the kids played. I lost my line in the river. We grilled and had a picnic.

Friday, Doris passed away. Visitation in Oklee on Monday the 25th, Funeral Tues in Oklee. Tim Lundeen will hold the funeral.

I had Matt gut his fish when we got home. I showed him (made him do) how to prepare simple baked fish: Fill the gut cavity with limes and butter. Bake upside down at 350 for 35 minutes.

Some people may not think that it's too pretty.

But the meat falls off the bones nicely, and hardly anything was left. Donna was complaining that there wasn't any more.

Saturday, Church in Trail, then garden work. Glenn and Arlan dropped of their garden Mantis for me. Thanks guys. I had a bad sinus infection/headache this morning. The garden work helped. Saline mist helped. Those over the counter antihistamines-gag. I want Sudafed. But now you can't get that so easy.

Sunday, Three services (my arms were a bit shaky because they were recovering from using the Mantis for several hours Saturday). Headache a bit better, singing voice still craggy.

Sunday afternoon I crashed eating dinner. Had to sleep. Missed going over to Todd's. Sorry Todd.

Evening off to Tasha's graduation.

Monday was a day for some recovery. Head doing better. Foot's good.

Louisa made GF bread this evening. It was great. A bit mal-formed, but it tasted awesome.

So she's starting a GF recipe blog http://fabglutenfreecookin.blogspot.com/

I thought the slices looked like bunnies.

As we were having devotion this evening a skunk walked up to the cat dish. All the excitement. We got the cats in the garage. It probably spent the night. I left a dish of cat food away from the house for it.

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