Thursday, May 28, 2009

LePew Prevention

I reported yesterday about 2 vectors in our program for eradication of LePew (trap and firearm). I also mentioned the cleanup formula. Guess what, It works very well. I wished Ida known it back in ought two when I vaporized that other pole cat nunder our deck. Whew!

So, we have eradication and cleanup. What about prevention?
This product is familiar to bow hunters, muzzle loader hunters, and trappers--perhaps even to some rife hunters or slug throwers. But I bet it sounds pretty revolting to the rest of you!

Actually, it smells better than many perfumes sold to men and women today-but I hasten to add that I won't be using it as my cologne.

I bought two 2 oz. spray bottles from Hunters Outlet. So far I've only used 2/3 of the first. I put down some fox scent in the back of the garage and in some nooks and crannies in the garage so that the scent will linger. It's pretty undetectable ( I think-- maybe the skunk was just too overpowering and my nose isn't working right). I also sprayed it around the doors in the concrete and wood entrances to the garage, along the wood of the board walk, under the deck, and up the deck steps.

Maybe it will keep the cats from coming in too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tooling Up for LePew

Lets start things off with a musical link: Metamora: Plum Creek/New Waltz

That way if you have the inkling you can listen while reading.

(Metamora is the group that did Little Potato. And if you haven't heard that song, well, then my heads-up didn't help at all, now. Did it?)

Here we are tooling up for Pepe LePew:

OK, there are two main methods for intervention in the photo, and one method for clearing the area.

Since the area was fouled last night we start with clearing the area:
I followed the advice of three different sources (and one commentator-thanks)

1 qt Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% solution
1/4 cup Baking Soda
1 tsp diswashing detergent (not Dawn)

Put it in a sprayer and cover the affected area: car, garage, Mission News sitting in the garage. We'll see tomorrow, though it smells better already tonight. I did the mom-cat and her kittens also. Couldn't find the tom.

Matt and I picked up the ingredients, some groceries, and did some business in town today.

Methods of intervention:

1) low caliber firearms.

This was learned the hard way. I apologize to those who've heard this story. So I'll tell it in Haiku
Skunk under our deck
A Winchester 94
Wow! That smell endures.
Instead of using high powered rifles, we use small arms rim-fire tools against varmints like this. Less, emmm, juicy.

2) second method: the Live Trap!

The live trap is not because I think I'm humane. It's just that I can lure the varmint out; confine him in a cage where he can't raise his tail at me; and I can transport him to a more remote place of disposal.

Supper was great tonight. 12 thickly sliced potatoes fried in lard in our 14" cast iron skillet, carrots for veggies, and brats for meat.

The nice thing about cooking with lard is not just that it collects in your arteries after you eat it, it also fills your bronchi while you cook! Wonderful.

Random photo of a part of our Mahjong set. The particular glyph might be significant to Harris fans.

And just a nice pic of Stella holding Inge.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pepe LePew

The @*!# skunk sprayed in our garage tonight.


Sorry, skunks are God's creatures too. Some people think skunks smell nice.

I wish all of us, especially me, were so gifted.

Personally, if I see it again, I am going to shoot it. It already made a stink.

Doris' funeral, Cora R. Passed away

The cat food was gone this morning. Hopefully the pole cat is too.

I went to Doris N's funeral this morning. It was very well attended. And Tim had a very good sermon.

I got a call this morning that Cora R. from St. Petri passed away. We'll be making arrangements today for her funeral. Friday or Saturday. Not sure if it will be in TRF at the Funeral Home or out at St. Petri. We just had a lot of rain, and the ground is still soft.

Another Busy Week

Fighting plantar fasciitis and recovering ok. My paper-towel and duck tape instep supports work well. We had Winkel in Lengby on Tuesday. After Winkel I went down to Bemidji to be with Doris and her family. We had devotion.

Wed morning we had a hummingbird in the garage.
Another shot of the humming bird.

We also had two sparrows in the garage that day. Did prep for VBS, wrote Word of the Week for Grygla Eagle. I have to finish 5 articles for June. Sermon prep

Thursday, day off; went to RLF park. Matt caught a Northern, the kids played. I lost my line in the river. We grilled and had a picnic.

Friday, Doris passed away. Visitation in Oklee on Monday the 25th, Funeral Tues in Oklee. Tim Lundeen will hold the funeral.

I had Matt gut his fish when we got home. I showed him (made him do) how to prepare simple baked fish: Fill the gut cavity with limes and butter. Bake upside down at 350 for 35 minutes.

Some people may not think that it's too pretty.

But the meat falls off the bones nicely, and hardly anything was left. Donna was complaining that there wasn't any more.

Saturday, Church in Trail, then garden work. Glenn and Arlan dropped of their garden Mantis for me. Thanks guys. I had a bad sinus infection/headache this morning. The garden work helped. Saline mist helped. Those over the counter antihistamines-gag. I want Sudafed. But now you can't get that so easy.

Sunday, Three services (my arms were a bit shaky because they were recovering from using the Mantis for several hours Saturday). Headache a bit better, singing voice still craggy.

Sunday afternoon I crashed eating dinner. Had to sleep. Missed going over to Todd's. Sorry Todd.

Evening off to Tasha's graduation.

Monday was a day for some recovery. Head doing better. Foot's good.

Louisa made GF bread this evening. It was great. A bit mal-formed, but it tasted awesome.

So she's starting a GF recipe blog

I thought the slices looked like bunnies.

As we were having devotion this evening a skunk walked up to the cat dish. All the excitement. We got the cats in the garage. It probably spent the night. I left a dish of cat food away from the house for it.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday-Monday May 17-8, 2009

Sunday was very nice. I held worship at Naz, Oak Park, and St. Petri.

After this we had lunch. I got up at about 5:30. Lunch was around 1pm. And after getting the dishes done and things picked up we went to Hartz Park in TRF.

The photos are from our time in the park. I had dropped off my Ford Escort to get 2 new tires and an oil change. We had to be back there before 6pm.

We got my car in time and went home. Clara spent the day with Barb and Kim. She was learning to ride horses. And, yes, she learned what saddle sores are.

Mary stopped by Kim and Barb's place. I went to Kim's parent's place. Both were likely places where Clara could be. At Kim's folk's place I found a birthday party dinner going on for Kim's dad, Juel.

Clara hadn't eaten yet. So I waited. Mary called with news that Doris N. had a brain hemorrhage. I got ready to go to Bemidji to be with her and her family.

Barb went with Clara to their place and then brought Clara home. I went to Doris and her family.

Doris is not expected to live for much longer. We had deathbed services with all her kids except Tim. Please keep Doris and her family in your prayers.

Got home at half-past 11pm.



Winkel paper, mowing, cleaning garage and elsewhere, splitting wood, exercize.

Doris was stable, though bad. Jared and Jessica stopped by this evening as they came back from the hospital in Bemidji.

Matthew worked on a different stock for his 1898 Mauser today. After he finished it we shot it a few times. I did much better with my Winchester '94. The original stock on the Mauser was heavy and gave very little kick when it was shot. This new stock is 3 pounds or more lighter. Matthew felt like he'd hurt his shoulder with the new stock. Live and learn.

Seth is doing better. He is healing pretty well.

My left foot is doing better, and though I still have some coughing, my flu seems to be soon over.

For my foot I folded up two paper towels into a bit of a triangle and duck taped it to the insole of my shoe. The pain started to go away within a few hours. Remember this tip if you have instep and heel pain.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The new baby

This is Espen. He is Christopher and Angela L's new first-born baby boy. He was born on May 8th. Angela is doing well recovering. God willing, Espen will be baptized at Nazareth on June 21.

Please keep Espen and his parents in your prayers.

Two Ash Logs

Kim and Barb dropped off two 6.5 foot long white ash logs today. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Both logs were about 16" diameter. I split out one of the logs this evening for bow staves.

I start on one end with the hachet.

Then I work my way down the log with wedges.

The log split pretty easily, really.

So, there's the first log split into 8 staves. It took about 30 minutes.

Now to paint the ends and let them cure for a while. Painting the ends keeps the moisture in so they don't crack from drying out too quickly.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What do they keep in the cupboards?

State Bird

How cool is this photo! They were out in force last week on the warm days. Lots of water, a bit of sunshine, and Mosquitoes!

Jake's Confirmation

Jacob's confirmation was held May 3rd. Jacob has been my student in class for 3 years now. It has been a privelage to teach him. Please keep him in your prayers as he now takes full responsibility as a member of the Church in properly observing and keeping the Lord's Supper and in his making use of the Means of Grace.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Thursday the 7th, Louisa and I went to town to get Mary her Mother's Day presents. Did sermon writing in the evening. Friday Mary and I went to TRF to go on a walk together. We had other reasons to go to town, but we decided to use this trip to go on the River Walk.

My left foot started hurting that evening. Perhaps it was the shoes, perhaps something else. And we're getting bad colds.

Saturday there was the Mt. Olive Mother's Day bake sale. And I also had Range Day for Firearms Safety Class.

I didn't get many photos of Range Day this session. I was busy with the archery and handgun ranges. Plus, my foot was killing me.

So I got a couple of photos up at the clubhouse when the students and their parents were learning how to clean the rifles.

Louisa helped out quite a bit at the Archery range.

Mothers' Day. Get up. OW!!!! I know that I have a left foot. I think it's Plantar fasciitis. My voice is so cracked and craggy I sound like a villain in James Bond or like the assistant to Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg.

Made it through the three services though-limping and voice cracking.

Got home, Matt helped me get the grill going. Elsie and Clara got the table ready. Louisa helped me with the fish. Matt did the vegies, Elsie did the salad.

The salad was green lettuce; red, orange, and yellow bell peppers, tomato, sliced onion, sliced mushroom, and Parmesan. The dressing was Balsamic Vinegar, Olive oil, sesame oil, paprika, black pepper, garlic, and basil. All tossed together.

The fish was fresh Salmon; grilled above hot coals on pine boards with wet red cedar chips for smoke, sprinkled with lime, then glazed with a mix of brown sugar, basil, rosemary, and butter.


We had baked potatoes and peas to complete the meal. I think Mary liked it.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Firearms Safety Class and other things

I've been teaching firearms safety this past week in the evenings. The range day is this coming Sat. at the Penn Co. Sportsmen's Club.

Had a teacher's meeting last night at Naz for planning the Naz VBS. This week I need to pick out materials for the OP/SP/MO VBS.

Today is the final Wed. School, we'll have a picnic. It looks like it's shaping up to be a beautiful day. Hopefully there won't be any sudden thunderstorms.

Oh, and, by the way, for all you who notice that Mary's been emailing less frequently. I finally updated her Thunderbird and Seamonkey emailers. She should be doing better with her old contacts list back now.

Oh, and the cat had kittens last night. 3 lived. 1 died.

Tardy, Tardy post

I guess I'll have to skip a bunch of stuff. And just do a few things.
Last Sunday was Jake's Confirmation at OP. My family was at the OP dinner in honor of Jake while I went to finish services at Naz. Then we got ready to go to Jake's for the afternoon. The evening was piano recital.

Clara and Louisa's Duet

Elsie and Holly Duet

Clara's Solo

Elsie's Solo

Louisa's Solo

Laura and Jaime, I've got the video's of Audrey put on a CD for you.