Friday, April 24, 2009

Fill in-Winkel Visits Hospital Services and a new Gun

I had 4 services last weekend. Last service at St. Petri. Tuesday we had Winkel at Ulen.
Pr. and Mrs. Dale fixed a really good lunch.

Our kids had fun together.

I presented on the texts for Easter 2 on the basis of the original languages.

Wed we had wed school. Wed eve and Thursday hospital visits, Marlow A was hospitalized this week with the Norovirus. She's doing better. Got to a few shut-ins.

And found a deal on a Cimarron SSA .357 mag 1875 Army revolver (el Pistolero). It matches my Winchester 94.

There was a .45 there too. But I chose this one because I can use .38 special, .38 spec +p, and .357 mag ammo in it (that, and as Matt says, the .45 was twice as expensive)

And on checking around on the net, it looks like I could sell it for more than I spent on it.

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