Friday, April 24, 2009

Cimarron .357 Mag 5.5" SAA 1875 el Pistolero

According to Jeff Quinn of Cimarron Firearms Co. of Fredericksburg, Texas makes some of the best and most consistently accurate historical reproductions of Colt revolvers.
I picked up a used 5.5" Single Army Action Colt pattens 1871, 1872, and 1875. The model name stamped on the barrel is "el Pistolero." Disassembly/reassembly and cleaning are very easy.

The metalwork and woodwork are beautiful. The case hardened frame fades in and out from blue to purple to gold. The brass lowers frame the rosewood(?) handle.

Here is a view with the loading port open.

This .357 mag can fire .38sp, .38sp+p, and .357mag. There is hardly any recoil with .38sp, very little recoil with .38sp+p. Recoil with the .357mag is pretty strong. You can check the differences in pressure on these loads at this site.

What a nicely made piece of history. I got it inexpensively enough that I could re-sell it right now for more than I spent. But I think I'll hold on to it for a while.

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mike said...

nice jacket...wonder where you got that :)