Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, other stuff

This morning I made a family visit that took a couple of hours. The driving took another hour or better, even though the place was only 8 miles away. The roads are extremely poor.
The Red Lake River is right at the bottom of the bridge at the River Valley crossing. The normal level is 12 to 14 feet lower. There's only another 5 to 8 feet that the river can rise before it overflows the road. The fields are filling up with water. There's a nice thin coating of ice and thicker coating of snow on all this water right now. Hopefully the cold weather will slow down the flooding for folks downstream at Crookston, Fargo, Ada, Red Lake Falls, and Grand Forks (and all those other cities on the rivers).

At home, playing inside, it was time to make faces.

Piano lessons take place this afternoon. Mary's taking the kids there, and it will be a slow drive.

Otherwise we are healthy.

St. Petri has canceled services and Bible Study tonight. The flood waters are right up to the front steps at St. Petri. The Mud River is flowing wide and high. The whole cemetery is under water. The last time this happened was in June of 2002 when we had torrential rains.

Hopefully the water will recede before Sunday. I heard a presidential candidate promise that he would cause the waters to recede. Maybe I should ask him if he can do anything for us now.

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