Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Opportunity is a crisis?

So I put up a photo for my profile on this blog.

Now my photo is decorating a building in Hong Kong? Nope, sorry, I couldn't resist. This is a fake. I made it at http://www.photofunia.com/

Wow! We've got a big snowstorm today, so this is my Opportunity-while the outdoors is in crisis.

Here's crisis: kitchen range-started shooting sparks Sunday. We went and ordered a new one. Our fridge isn't keeping things cool. I cleaned the coils, still-no joy. The parish board said to order a new one. Meanwhile we'll keep things in and out of the garage to keep them cool without freezing.

So, I have to go back to Feb 27th. Oscar's funeral was Monday the 2nd. Ember days that week. Church and Bible Study Tues at Mt. Olive. Church and Bible Study Wed at Nazareth. Church and Bible Study Thurs at St. Petri.

Helen C. hospitalized that week from a fall. She didn't break anything. Now she's in Fosston at the Nursing home until she is steady on her feet. Muriel M. is recovering from a partial knee replacement. Several people had bad flu and fevers that week (including a couple of our kids). Eli M. is doing well. Aric B. found out that he didn't have a heart attack but cardiospasms in the smooth muscles of arteries on or near his heart. That's treatable, thank God. Kia G's benefit went well. She's going through therapy to rehabilitate her vision.

Taxes in Fosston on Friday (3/6). Saturday Church at Mt. Olive. I was feeling ill so I didn't go to the shut-ins. Sunday three morning services, stove blows up, go to TR to order a new one. Fridge acts funny, clean the coils.

Monday, snow started falling in earnest. 6 inches by noon. Cancelled a late afternoon counselling session because the roads were bad.

Mary likes to get movies during Lent so that we can have a couple hours during the week of escapist time together. Well, the first one we watched was Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School (2005). So, I've just had two difficult funerals and the plot of this movie? A baker who's wife just died comes upon a car accident and has to talk to the victim to keep him alive until help comes. The baker agrees to go in place of the accident victim to a meeting promised to the victims long lost love. Grrr. It's even hard to think about it now. Great movie. Just the wrong time of life for me to see it. Mary turned to me during the car accident scene. "Are you ok?" "Yeah, just washing my face through my eyes." Yes. I did have to finish the movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

So, "try-try-again!" Right?

Wimbledon (2004) --total stupid. We shut it off after about 35 minutes.

Next attempt?
A Beautiful Mind (2001)-- the story of John Nash (quite abit fictionalized). Another emotional rollercoaster movie.

Mary, can't we get something simple, wholesome, intellectually stimulating, and fun, like AVPR?

So, Opportunity to watch movies became a crisis. Never waste a good opportunity. Wreak havoc as much as you can. I hear it's an important political philosophy these days.

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