Thursday, March 26, 2009

Indoor Activity During the Flood/Snow Storm

Tuesday we had Lenten service and Bible Study at Mt. Olive. Tuesday night the cold air came and we had storms through the night and the next day until early afternoon.

Schools were canceled, but no such luck for the homeschool kids.
Elsie and Louisa practiced their Chinese Calligraphy as part of a history lesson on China.

Clara looked bored by her mathematics.

Inge just snuggled up and smiled.

I ended up calling off Wednesday School. The organist was unable to make it to the evening service at Oak Park because of the bad roads. But we had our Chili supper, Lenten Service, and Bible Study. It was snowing again in earnest when we were done.

This morning we made tortillas, eggs, and sausage for breakfast

Previously, making tortillas was a painful experience with the rolling pin. Mary bought a tortilla press, and the kids can't get enough of helping out with it. Now we just mix the Masa with water, roll it into balls the right size, and press.

Carefully peel open the plastic wrap after opening the press.

Let the tortilla fall delicately onto the hand and transfer it to the griddle.

This was the last one of a double batch. With the rolling pin we could make a dozen in 40 minutes to be fried. Now we can do a dozen in 6 minutes. We just have to wait for them to get done on the griddle before we press the next batch.

So take your tortilla, fill it with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, sourcream, and salsa. Yum.

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