Monday, March 23, 2009

Getting Matthew

On Monday we went to Wadena to meet my parents. Matthew had stayed with them for the week when Mary took the kids down for the Echo Charter School Carnival.

Alyssa took our four younger kids. We took Inge. The three older girls stayed at home with instructions to clean up.

Actually, they did a pretty good job.

Due to the flooding there were a couple of places where the roads were covered with running water. Both places were about 4-8 inches deep and flowing fairly quickly.

We arrived at Wadena and met Mom, Dad, and Matthew at Walmart. After shopping for some needed things we went to Burger King for lunch. I picked up some gluten-free items at Wallyworld to eat at BK. Dad risked the BK deep fat fryer and a bare plain burger.

While we were at Walmart I was pushing the cart with Inge in it. Dad kept moving toward her and making faces. That's ok. I was making faces and noises at her at the same time. Eventually I let him push the cart so he could make all the faces he wanted to at her.

At BK Inge was passed around like a treasure. (except that Mary had to change her diaper)

On the way home the water overflows were a bit deeper. The deer were out in the middle of the flood/storm.

It was quite wonderful to see the rest of the kids when Matt came home. The kept coming to him, hugging him, wrestling him, and showing him that they missed him in many other ways.

Thank you Alyssa and Quinten for looking after our younger kids.

We got home in time to put supper on the table. We had devotion on John 8, and put the kids to bed.

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