Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fourth set of Mid-Week Lenten services

Tuesday we held Winkel at Oak Park. Two other pastors from our Circuit and a guest attended. Mary made a great chicken curry for lunch. We finished off Winkel around 3:30pm. That evening we had worship and Bible Study at Mt. Olive. That evening I also spent some time doing some spiritual counseling after the services.

Wed. there was Confirmation class/Wed. School. Worship was at Nazareth, with Bible Study following.

Thursday morning I did visits in TRF, got a headache in the afternoon. Went to St. Petri for worship and Bible Study in the evening.

Friday morning I spent several hours at a family visit. I finished off the weekend sermon in the afternoon. Movie night was a couple of episodes of "Monk."

Saturday morning worship at Mt. Olive. I went to Fosston for Esther and Helen. They were eating "brunch" at 10:20am, so I went to the library and came back after brunch for communion services; got home around 1. Mary and the kids were chopping up ingredients for eggsalad and also for lactofermented salsa. This is her second batch. The first batch was scarfed down really fast.

Sorry, Jaime and Laura, we meant to save some for you. Too bad. We ate it. But we'll make some more for you. It really is good.

As the snow has been melting away after the great snowstorm. That means cleaning up cat poop from the walk-ways. I guess that's my job.

A bunch of Bald Eagles landed out in the CRP to chew on the remains of Matt's deer. Man they are big birds. A couple of years ago on a Sunday morning commute to St. Petri I watched a Bald Eagle carry off one of our fully grown cats. The cat was dead-a volunteer for the Roadkill Cafe-but it was big. The Bald Eagle was way bigger. The ones we've seen around here look like they are just shy of 3 feet tall standing on the ground. I'll try to get some photos, but they're pretty shy.

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