Friday, March 27, 2009

Flood, visit attempt, spring thaw

Louisa has been covering the Red River flood on her blog. Here is an updated picture of the Red Lake River just north of our place. The water looks like it's down about 6 inches. It still has over a dozen feet to go down.
Plus, we've got new snow cover and another storm predicted for next week-though some meteorologists are hedging their bets on that one.

The melt and freeze with rain and ice makes for some very interesting and pretty sights.

These bushes were just starting to bud and were caught in the freezing run-off.

During the day I worked on sermon prep for the coming weekend and week. In the late afternoon I went to a planned shut-in visit. And guess what? Not home! I'll call her son in a little bit to find out what transpired. We have a couple of people who were supposed to go to Fargo today for medical reasons. No dice for them.

When I got home Inge was telling me she wanted me. So I picked her up and found a thickly moist shirt. Changing can be fun. Just think of Sting and what you're dealing with at the time:
Go goo goo go, go gaa gaa gaa.
Now I'm going to change your poo.
Go goo goo goo, go gaa gaa gaa.
My words are meaning less to you.
And she smiles at me.

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