Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do You Want National Healthcare?

If I have a pain, ache, or problem I can call my doctor or chiropractor or whatever and usually get in to be checked out or treated that same day. But my friends in Canada, Great Britain, and elsewhere in the world don't get service that fast.

I had a serious problem back in 1996 that threatened my life. I was able to go to see my doctor immediately. I got care quickly, while they tried to diagnose my problem. I was admitted to the hospital for treatment and given some unnecessary tests because they wanted to be careful. But I got the tests right away.

If you yearn for National Heathcare like Great Britain, Canada, France or Italy I think you need to take a close read of these resources.

The first resource is a large selection of articles on Universal or National Healthcare

This page is a collection of articles about the issues facing socialized medicine in the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, the US and elsewhere. Take your time to read and become informed about what socializing or nationalizing healthcare means to the people affected by those programs.

The second resource examines how the national healthcare plan would be paid for. It is at the Wall Street Journal following this link:

I explained problems with the Keynesian model for this program last October 21st.

I also discussed the natures and differences between Capitalism and Socialism last November 3rd.

Finally take a listen to this radio program of the Mark Levin show. Listen to the information, put up with his bombast. And follow up on the information presented. Don't be led like lambs to the slaughter by the main stream media.

Don't simply let your representatives and elected officials do what they want. Read the articles. Learn the data. And tell them what you think. Hold them responsible. They are the ones who speak and vote on these issues.

Personally, I like being able to call in and get service the same day. I don't want some bureaucratic rules to determine if I have to wait 4 and 1/2 months to get service like they do in Canada or the UK.

I want those in need and who cannot get or afford insurance to be taken care of. But the actual numbers of those citizens of the U.S. is much smaller than what the pop media reports. That means that caring for them is more affordable than Nationalized Heathcare for all.

And I think that as a nation we certainly need the freedom to choose the healthcare we think is best rather than abdicating this choice to some bureaucrat who doesn't know us and has to follow some obscure govornment policy balancing costs and benefits for treatments and conditions.

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