Friday, March 13, 2009

Alison B, For you

Nope, no snazzy pictures of new appliances. My camera is broken. And the kids took theirs with them. So the pictures will come when they get back.

Thursday was a very busy day. Along with de-snowing (thank you Kyle! and Matt!) we received delivery of a new fridge and a new range.

We packed up Mary and the kids to go to grandmas so they could go to the Echo Charter school St. Patrick's Day Carnival tonight. Matthew and Louisa want to buy tickets to put each other and Jeremy in "Jail" through the whole time. Somehow depriving each other of fun is considered fun. Does this say something about my parenting skills? (Hey, Joel and Marty W.--I've got bowstaff skills, nunchuck skills, but they don't impress my wife)

They left about 3pm yesterday. I had pre-marriage counselling at 3pm, Off to St. Petri for soup supper and Lenten worship and Bible Study.

Home after 9:30pm.

Um. Time to clean up. Everyone ate just before they left. Cleanup is my job alone. I guess I have cleaning skills too.

Dad called when Mary and the kids got there.


Friday, Dishes, sort fridge stuff. The sniff test is probably the most effective, even if it is the least pleasant. It certainly is the most likely to produce a gag reflex.

Poor Mary, She'll end up resorting everything in the fridge.

Test drive the range. Hashbrowns and eggs for breakfast. Put away dishes, load the dishwasher (mostly done now).

Did I mention all the lights that were on in the basement last night. I'll have to teach some light-switching-off skills in my kids.

Well, time to use more of my cleaning skills.

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