Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday morning Renae M. called me fairly early. Oscar Nerhus passed away. I went over to see Mildred, Larry and Sandy. John, Sophie, and Matthew came with me. We spent quite a bit of time with Mildred. Larry and Sandy had to go out to tend the herd. Their cows are calving. It's supposed to get to -20 in the evening.

From there we went to Henry B's to drop off some soup. Henry was worried about Lonny. So we stopped to check on Lonny. He's got bad bronchitis. I told him to call his dad.

After that we went down to Gonvick.

Now, I need to tell you that the roads were all bad. When a snow plow went by on the Gully road, there was no visibility. So I pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. After it cleared I pulled out. Then speeding out of the snow cloud from behind came a mini-van without headlights. He slowed down just before getting to us. But, man, I mean. What kind of an idiot takes his family through a no visibility cloud of snow at almost 60mph?

Then on 92 some lady was half-way over in our lane as she came over a hill toward us.

Does bad weather make people think and do stupid things? Or do they do all these stupid things all the time and the bad weather makes them more obvious?

I fed the kids at Paula's (the restaurant in Gonvick). They have lots of breaded deep fried things, and sandwiches. I went without. But they enjoyed their rare treat of real wheat.

Then to Forest's place to check on him and Donna. They seem to be doing pretty well. Mike N. stopped by while we were there. And a neighbor and his son stopped by with the finished bear skin rug from the boy's fall kill. The black bear was 600 and more pounds: second after the state record. It was huge.

After checking on Forest and Donna we went to Muriel's to check on her. She only has pain at her incision site. He knee replacement was a partial. So they have her up and walking as much as possible now. She's doing well.

I'll check on Mildred, and Cheryl and Rod today.

No word yet on when Oscar's funeral will be.

Please keep our parish in your prayers.

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