Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm sorry. I've had too much on my plate to post on this blog recently. Our family has been going through the ordeal of the flu. But before that we had Elsie's birthday. I'll try to get a post on her birthday up sometime soon.

A week ago on Friday I had a deathbed call for Betty M. Her husband, Forest, and her sister, Donna, were there. Matt came with me to the GF hospital to help me keep awake on the drive. Betty died when Forest, Donna and I were in the room. Her funeral is this morning, Friday, at Nazareth.

Isaac P. went through surgery today. I visited him in the Hospital yesterday.

A member at Nazareth lost her father this past week and I need to visit her.

This morning Ryan B. (34 years old) was killed in a car accident. He has two children. I spent the morning with Ryan's family. In the afternoon I worked on my sermons for Betty's wake and funeral. In the evening I held services for Betty's wake at the Fosston funeral home.

Please keep our members in your prayers. Betty's, Ryan's and the other's families in this time of loss.

I have a lot of visits to make tomorrow after the funeral and planning for Ryan's funeral. So if you, members of my congregation need to contact me, leave a message with Mary.

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