Friday, February 27, 2009

More on Thursday

I had services at Mt. Olive on Tues. Oak Park on Wed. and St. Petri on Thurs. This was our "Ash Wednesday Service" with Communion.

On the drive to Mt. Olive I saw about 30 deer next to the road. Oak Park is only 100 feet from the house so I didn't see any deer on my way to church that night. But on the way to St. Petri there were herds and herds of deer. I counted 82, but that was only because I had passed several herds before I could fully count them.

I hope I don't get a deer out of season. That would mean some bodywork on my car.

Bible Study for Lent this year is the Book of Genesis. This first week we covered a survey and outline of Genesis and close study on Creation. Next week we'll study the Fall into sin.

Oscar's funeral is Monday at Nazareth, 11am. Please keep Mildred, Larry, Sandy and their family in your prayers.

Eli M. was hospitalized today (Friday), son of Emily and Issac M. He's not quite a year old and may have RSV or the flu. I stopped by at the hospital. He seemed to be responding well to treatment. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Aric B. is going to Mayo for a workup on his heart problem. Aric is 28 years old and had a heart attack. We are grateful he survived. Aric just married his wife Erica this past summer. Please pray for him and his family during this time of trouble. We just buried his older brother, Ryan, this past Monday. His family has been through some great stress.

There's more. There's always more. I can't write about all the issues and concerns we have here. That's part of what it means to have living and breathing congregations in the Christian Church. But please keep us in mind.

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