Friday, January 02, 2009

Inge Baptized

Tonight we celebrated Inge's baptism. And we thank God for His grace provided through Christ's institution of Baptism.

As a pastor of four congregations I tend to get too busy to remember what's important. My role as father and my role as pastor of my own family sometimes leaves me wanting. After all, I'm only a sinful man descended from Adam.

I wish we had done this when my parents were here: When my son, Jeremy, could have been here.

In our family devotions this evening we baptized Inge according to Christ's institution in Matthew 28. We'll have a public affirmation of her baptism on Sunday at Oak Park.

I thank God that He has allowed Inge to live until she was baptized. And we all thank God that she has been united with Christ through her baptism.

Clara went to get the clam shell which we used for the baptism. Matthew got the water. All the children stood solemnly around Mary and Inge while we asked them about what God teaches in the Bible about Baptism. There's no photo here because most of the kids and Mary were in their pajamas.

I'm sorry it took so long. We should have done this soon after Inge was born.

But celebrate with us the new birth Inge has in Christ through the Baptism Christ instituted.

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