Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Full Week

Yes, It has been a long time since the last post. No helping that.

The last post was Thurs, Jan 15. That Friday was also cold. I did sermon writing. Saturday it warmed up to 12 above. We had church and Sat. School. At home I did some indoor work. George M. called. Ruby T passed away Friday evening. The funeral would take place Thursday at St. Petri.

Sunday three services in the morning, dinner at St. Petri. Home, two different guests. Alyssa and her daughter came to visit Sophie. Gus came over to visit us (thanks for the bottle tree). Then off to Youthgroup meeting at St. P. Home late.

Monday, pack and go to Fargo. Get new shoes and other things we cant get here. We spent the night with Pastor Thompson's family. Tuesday meetings all day. Got home late.

Wed sermon writing, wed. School, funeral home devotion.

Thursday Funeral at St. Petri for Ruby. Please keep her family in your prayers. I'll try to post her obit on the other blog.

Joni B called. Their grand-daughter Kia, has a tumor somewhere in her eye. They're in Rochester at the Mayo. Joni will update me when she can. Please keep them in your prayers. I think Kia is about 9 years old? Is that right?

Friday, I did a lot of indoor stuff.

One lesson for you. Never teach your kids the song Elvira at the beginning of a week when the temperature forces them all to stay indoors.

This morning it was too cold to have church at Mt. Olive. (26 degrees below zero--our safety rule for the elderly is 20 below).

So, now I'm doing work up at the house listening to Alison Krauss

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