Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Got Baby, Yeah!

There has been quite a bit going on in our lives. 4 congregations at Christmas, each with their own programs, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, plus the regular weekend services. In these last 7 days I've had 4 different sermons and 10 worship services.

And, we've been expecting our 10th child.

So what do I write about tonight? Lots of things. I've got church in the morning at three different congregations, and we've just had our 10th child. So let's start with the Sauerkraut.

I like Sandor Katz' approach. For this batch I did some whole leaf and some chopped: Cabbage, water, salt, and some mesquite seasoning. We opened some on Christmas eve. Yum.

Mary and the baby are at the hospital in Fosston. Both are doing very well. What's next? I'm at home getting this post done, Donna is crying, but she'll go back to sleep soon. Next is beurre noisette-browned butter. Also very YUM.

Christmas Eve morning I tried to teach Matthew how to replace a bathroom faucet. This was marginally successful. ... Donna was still crying. Evidently the older kids forgot to change her diaper. She wet through. Change, check Stella. She's ok. The kids put a diaper on her. Donna is settling down now.

I changed our new baby before I came home tonight. Funny, I feel very happy about that simple act.

My parents came to our house for Christmas Eve. Jeremy is now home until school starts again in January. Despite the economic times, we had a bountiful gift-giving season. Thank you everyone.

I was able to hold, nestle and cuddle with our new baby. She was born at 8:54pm Saturday night. 7 pounds 9 ounces. Still, no name yet.

We've been rabbit hunting for the past week or so. Louisa spotted this cotton tail by Andy and Karen's. We got it. Louisa helped me skin it. Tonight I started baking it. I had marinated it in some brine from Mary's pickled carrots and baked it in the juice and fat left over from some bacon and hamburgers we had last week.

Just before supper Mary said "We need to get to the hospital."

We left the older kids in charge. I grabbed one bite of the rabbit. YUM!!!

Here's the new girl. More pictures here.

We thank God for a quick and healthy birth for Mary and for the baby.

Clara, I'm sorry we had to leave so quickly during your birthday supper. Here's your present, a sister sharing your birthday!

Now, if only we can think of a name for her...

Hmm. Donna is still crying off and on. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Papa Joe,

Congratulations! She's a beautiful little girl.

Loved your post.

As much as I like all of the baby pictures (and I did check them all out), my favorite picture is the one with Stella and the rabbit.

Love to you all,