Friday, December 05, 2008

Three Excuses

It's been a long time since i've posted. I have three excuses.

Excuse 1: It was my Birthday this weekend.
My parents and my eldest son came up for Thanksgiving. We celebrated the state's holiday and they threw a birthday party for me.

Four candles on one side. Two candles on the other.

I'm not 24.

I passed that age back in seminary.

What you cant see in these photos is that I'm wearing my Dobak pants.

Why, because "Excuse #2" my left sciatic nerve hurt.

My family gave me a special shirt that signifies that I am a certified DNR Fire Arms Safety Instructor. It's the Cabela's Classic II Right-Hand Shooting Shirt in the tan and sage colors.

The pain was really bad Saturday morning. Mom, Dad and Jeremy went to church with me at Mt. Olive. They left for their place after church. I went home and felt sorry for myself.

I called several chiropractors but none were in their offices.

Sunday was worse. Three services, and tears were coming from my eyes.

On Monday I got into the Chiropractor. Dr. Gabe asked me what was going on. He popped two spots on my back, and my pain was almost gone.

The problem: I still had 70 plus miles to drive home doing shut-in visits. I was pretty sore by the time I got home but was feeling much better in the afternoon.

Throughout the week I've been pretty good, tonight I decided that I should go in again in the morning.

Third Excuse: Mary checked out the second season of 24 from the library and we've been watching them during the evenings since Sunday--that is, during the times when I normally would write my posts. Sorry.

I keep thinking, What would Jack Bauer Do?

Well, as a TV hero he probably wont get sciatica. That's just not cool. So I'll stop whining here.


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