Saturday, December 20, 2008

No baby yet, just another Storm

4 to 7 inches of fluffy snow on the ground in most places this morning.When the wind comes it will be impossible to go anywhere. But this morning we had our Christmas Catechization at Mt. Olive.

Mary's still waiting.

Mt. Olive was warm inside. The food in the entry made me hungry during the service.

Anna, Chantelle, and Katie did a wonderful job presenting the Birth of Christ according to Luke 2, and the Nature and Power of Baptism. Great job, girls. And a wonderful job singing.

Lots of people in church today for the Catechization. At Mt. Olive there are 6 pews on the South side and 5 on the North. Each pew can hold 4 to 5 adults. Trail's population is 63. We had almost 30 people in church. How many other congregations can say that half the city attended services?

Last year and the year before it was Mt. Olive that grew the most in size in our parish--if you go by percentages. This year it's Nazareth.

Well, we're in a Winter Storm Warning. St. Petri has their Christmas service scheduled for tonight. We'll see.

Oh, incidentally, I have three couples going through pre-marital counseling at this time. Please keep us all in your prayers, and thank God that the young people still value God's Word on marriage and family.

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