Sunday, December 21, 2008

Morning Service Cancelled, no baby yet...

This one is for the grandparents. Stella didn't keep her curlers in. Sophie, Clara, and Louisa will work to keep them in until just before the program. Elsie is going for the wavy look with the braids.

Nazareth canceled church this morning. Visibility is down to 1/2 mile from time to time. The wind is 15-30 mph. And we have a lot of loose snow floating around. The long narrow road to Nazareth, the one with the deep ditches and the farms right up next to the road, is impassible.

Mary kind of feels like today might be the day. She felt that way last night too. And last Thanksgiving. I'll have to call Jared to see if he'd be willing to read the sermon today at OP if necessary.

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