Sunday, December 28, 2008

Inge Kathryn

We finally figured out a name for our new girl.

I know that some will say "Wow! That's really Norwegian!" Only, Kathryn (Mary's sister) probably isn't Norwegian (at least as far as I know). Though my ancestors Ingeborg and Inga were very much Norwegian. However, Kathy, I think you'd make a good Norwegian.

And I really like this photo of you and Iver.

There are 14 new photos in the album. One is of Ruby C's Christmas lights, and two are with the Staffords visiting Mary and Inge.

And here's a video from today.

Jeremy says that any more children we have must be named with a number, "Eleven" or "Twelve" et cetera.

I want to thank Wayne, Randy, and Jared for reading the sermon today and for leading the congregations through Prime.

Donna didn't let me go to bed until 3:00am this morning. I was a bit wiped out, what with the birth and Donna always asking for "Momma." I spent some time today with Mary and Inge. The Staffords dropped by for a visit. It's their wedding anniversary today. Many happy returns to you both.

We found out that Anju (18 months old) likes my really spicy Kimchi--though she took too big a bite and it got a bit hot for her all at one time.

Mary and Inge come home sometime tomorrow (God willing). Thank you everyone.


A Stafford said...

Love the name! I'm so glad you picked it. What a fitting name for a northern MN "pike"!

Godt Nytt År to all!

Babs said...

Wow Mary! I thought Johnny looked like you when first born, but Inge has him beat by a mile :)

Can't wait to snuzzle...


Erica J said...

Joe, what's that black thing you're holding in the video while you rock with Inge? It looks a lot like a wallet, giving new meaning to the term COD. :)