Saturday, December 20, 2008

2nd Program, still storming

Second Christmas program and the weather is still pretty bad. Tonight we had Christmas catechization at St. Petri with Briley, Levi, and Whitney.

Another excellent job! The snow was worse near Oak Park. North of Goodridge it was not too bad, unless there was a farm right next to the highway.

After the Christmas services we usually have gift opening and a meal. Each congregation does this. What happens is that I write up a program with music, Scripture, and Catechism. Then each congregation adapts it to fit the number of children they have and the abilities of their children. So,--at Mt. Olive--Anna, Chantelle, and Katie had memorized about 1/2 of what I had written up for the program memorized. Chantelle and Katie are 8 years old. Anna is 7. They've only been going to Saturday School for three years now.

At St. Petri, Briley and Whitney (both in Confirmation class) along with little Levi had all of the program memorized with some additional hymns. Nazareth will have it's program in the morning (God willing the roads are open). They are doing a different program. The sunday school there is only on its second year in this generation of children. The oldest kids are 9 years old. Oak Park's program is slated for tomorrow afternoon. Sometime we hope to have a baby, too.

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