Friday, November 07, 2008

Snow and a Moment of Inattention

My flax and my Brussels Sprouts are still in the garden. But most of the rest is in and stored.

I think that next spring we will probably do a lot more potatoes and onions.

I planted garlic this week.

And, yes, I finished preparing the liver into a pate. We had some for a snack today. It was good. There's another pint in the fridge.

Tomorrow begins my weekend of worship. This is the Third to Last Sunday of the Church Year.

Tomorrow we will also slaughter a lamb for our freezer. And Matt and Louisa are going out to slaughter a deer each, also for food.

Some of our kids are more hungry than others.

We were watching a movie this evening and Donna found a Crayola marker.

Oh, Barb, I went over to your place today, but I couldn't find the horseradish. I'll talk to you later.

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