Saturday, November 08, 2008

Nancy and Gene's Lamb

A couple of years ago, Nancy and Gene saved out a lamb for us from their flock. This year they did so too. Nancy contracted cancer, and we buried her last month.

Today I took Louisa, Elsie, and Clara over to Gene's place. He kept the lamb for us.

I wanted the girls to see where our food comes from. I want them to understand how much work went into the Old Testament sacrificial system.

And, since Louisa wants to hunt deer this year, I wanted her to get some practice.

So, I had church this morning, followed by Saturday School. It was hard to get to and from church because of the ice on the road. A 17 mile journey took me 50 minutes.

And my neck was very sore.

I didn't stop by at Zach's today for Confirmation class. I was too late with the travel time.

A couple stopped by at 12:30 for pre-marital counseling. At 3pm we went over to Gene's. We got home by 4:15.

The lamb, hopefully, will be able to hang for more than a week. The forecast looks good. The garage should be about 38 degrees on average through the week.

Before then we hope to have three deer hanging in the garage also.

Yep, I bought my first deer license in 20 years. So, potentially, Matt, Louisa, and I could get a deer. I'm only going to shoot at a small, young deer. They taste better.

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