Monday, November 24, 2008

How to distract a worship service

Saturday we had worship and Sat. School at Mt. Olive. The kids did really well on the 4th chief part of Luther's Small Catechism.

I did not stop for Zak this week. I will try to get to him sometime after Monday and before Thursday.

I had some prep to do for the Parish board meeting on Sunday.

Sunday we had worship at St. Petri, then I was off to Nazareth.

Guess who showed up during the recitation of the 2nd Article while we were confessing the Nicene Creed?

We were saying "Whose kingdom shall have no end" and I heard:



And off to my right fluttered a bat. The body was gray, the wingspan was maybe 10 inches at the most.

Naomi and I went out to get a bucket and a thin board to trap the bat so we could take it outside.

I got back in the Sanctuary, approached the swirling bat.

I reached, it dove for the pulpit and disappeared under it somehow.

Recovery was a bit rough. I took my robe off just because the bat could climb up inside it without me knowing. Creepy. We started in on the Third Article.

I was kind of distracted during the sermon.

As members came to the Lord's Supper (and we welcomed 4 adults into the congregation this morning) they kept peering above and below the pulpit--looking for any bat signal.

The Supper went smoothly.

It started singing during the prayer of thanksgiving after the Lord's Supper.

I suppose it was being pious. Some of the members looked worried.

They tried to hunt it down after the service.

The sermon went better at Oak Park. We had a visitor today who was at both Nazareth and Oak Park. She thought the sermon was clearer at Oak Park also.

Matthew told me that I kept pulling at my robe like I thought I had ants in it or something.

It wasn't ants, Matt. I had the heebee-geebees for a bat.

Otherwise things went fairly well.

We had our Parish board meeting at Naz. this evening. The bucket and board were still out along with a broom. I guess they didn't get the bat.

I'm rereading Frederic Bastiat's "The Law" published in 1850, and I recommend it for anyone curious about our own economic times and situation.


A Stafford said...

At least the bats that have been in the sanctuary during our services have had the courtesy not to fly around. They have simply stayed on the wall high above the pulpit. I only find out about them after the service. I've told my people that if they tell me about them before the sermon, I will not be stepping into the pulpit. I'm extremely fearful of bats. Twice in the church I've had bats fluttering above my head in the entryway, and in the parsonage we've had them all over. One even awakened me once by flying closely overhead.


Dan S. said...

Well Joe....

You remember using the piece of conduit at Bethany to attack the bats; I guess you need to get into practice.

Or you could do like the old joke says about the Pastor who had trouble getting rid of the bats in the church. He finally succeeded by baptizing them, confirming them, and he never saw them again.

--Dan S.