Friday, November 14, 2008

Horseradish, Lamb, Deer

A few days ago Sophie, John, and Stella went with me over to Kim and Barbs to dig horseradish.

I cleaned it up and ground it. We got a couple of pints. One I'm lactofermenting. The others are preserved with vinegar and sugar.

This morning I had Friday School for Pr. Stafford, who is in India with his wife, meeting their new daughter.

They're writing about it here.

Friday school went ok, I guess. They had last week off, and the week before that they had a video for Reformation. So they didn't really know their memory work.
I'll see how they do next week. Louisa came with me and we scouted out some hunting areas for deer.

This afternoon I packed up the second half of the lamb. Sophie helped a lot.

Then Louisa and I went out to hunt.

We tried the plot just east of the Nazareth cemetery. There were about a dozen deer there when we drove by. But by the time we sneaked in they were gone. We waited a while. One large doe came out but she was out of range.

After waiting for a while we went over to the other spot that we tried the other day. It was about 4pm. Not much daylight left.

Louisa got up into the stand. I sat on a rock by some brush.

We waited for not quite half an hour and a small buck walked into the target zone.

I signaled and whispered for Louisa to shoot it. 10 to 15 yards. After a bit she moved, the deer started to run. She told me to shoot.

I shot twice, there were two wounds on the deer. It's amazing how far these critters can go when they are wounded so badly.

I helped Louisa out of the stand. She saw where it went into the woods. We tracked it 300 yards through woods and it was getting dark fast. We followed stumble marks, but didn't see blood.

We found it and I dragged it out of the woods and most of the way back to the car. We used the headlights so I could field-dress the deer.

Louisa helped drag, dress, and skin the deer. Good job, Louisa. We'll try for your's tomorrow.

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A Stafford said...

How embarrassing that my students did not know their memory work. At least I can plead what you already explained, that they didn't have class the week before and the week before that they had a video. As it I didn't give them a schedule for the full year on the first day!
Thank you so much for being willing to come down and teach. I taught your class during the vacancy before you came. At that time I would have willingly traded confirmation classes with your parish. This year, I no longer call my class "consternation."
I realized that the week I come back is Thanksgiving. That means I will have gone the whole month of November without teaching confirmation! This is an extra reason to give thanks this year?!?
Seriously, we will have another seat at our table this year and will be thanking God for our new little girl that we are now getting to know in India.

In Christ,