Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Butchering Deer, No Cancer

Today (Monday) I took care of butchering the doe that LeRoy M. gave to us. Thank you, LeRoy. I was able to use more than 2/3rds of the deer. The bullet wound ruined most of the ribs and both shoulders. I put up about 20 pounds of steaks and cuttings from your deer in addition to the back straps, or tenderloin cuts.

This deer has been hanging in our garage for 7 days now. I have packed all the usable parts. And I served Mary (My Wife!!!) some samples today. She liked them.

For those deer lovers who have loved ones who don't like venison, please consider hanging your deer for 7 to 10 days if you can keep the temperature at about 40 degrees F. It does mean that you will have to cut away more portions for waste. But you and the non-venison-lover will enjoy it much more.

Matt and I put up another several pounds for jerky, and a couple more pounds in an experiment with pickling venison.

The jerky and the pickled venison are curing right now.

Tuesday evening now. I've put the jerky in the oven to dry. I've changed the brine solution for a vinegar solution on the pickled venison.

Mary and I went to the Doctor today. Mary, because she's going to have a baby in a few weeks. Me, because I haven't had a physical since 1990, because my joints hurt sometimes, and I'm over 40 now.

I don't have cancer. My cholesterol is ok. My kidney function, liver function, and my electrolytes are ok. My doctor lectured me about working too much.

OK, OK, OK. I'll try.

The upshot is that this parish has to put up with me because there is no medical reason for me to lighten up other than overwork.

I might try to get Louisa out deer hunting in the 100 zone this week. That zone closes Nov. 23rd.

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