Friday, November 21, 2008

2 In the Freezer, 1 to Go

Two deer are packed and in the freezer now. We've just started on Matt's this evening.
Sophie, Clara, Elsie, Matt, and Louisa have helped throughout the day.

Here's a good website on dressing, aging, and butchering deer similarly to how I do it. (and another with a nice diagram)

I had Friday school this morning for Pr. Stafford. Pr. Stafford, I'll talk to you sometime this week. They don't have Friday School next week because of Thanksgiving. Nor do we have Wed. School this coming week for the same reason.

We are hopeful that Mom, Dad, and my son, Jeremy, can come up for the holiday. We have a turkey, a brisket, and lots of lamb, hog, and venison (not to mention cowburger). I need to swing by Peatland Reds tomorrow when I'm coming back from church.

So, you've read the Stafford's adoption saga. Welcome home, gang!!

Here's the story of our friends the Larsons. Turn the volume down on your speakers before you click through, Diane has music on her website. If your volume is high it might startle you.

Also, our friends, Jim and Nancy, near Madison, Wisconsin, have brought home their new adopted son from Thailand. (Jim's link also has audio-it's his musician page, set the speakers accordingly) I'll ask Jim if I can post their adoption emails, or if he has them posted somewhere.

Coming Dec. 8th is the finalization of Roxann and Roger's adoption of their two cute children.

Well, the little ones have gotten the swords out and are whacking each other. Time to get supper ready.

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