Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Tough Week

A week ago, Monday; I had a funeral service for Patty G. This is the 6th funeral the G. family has had in 18 months.

And this week I had Nancy T's. funeral.

Nancy and I have been working together since 2002. She was one of my organists at two of my congregations. And she didn't hesitate at playing at the two other congregations I have.

Nancy shared her struggles with cancer with me through the years.

Attentive readers will know about Lyle M's. funeral. It was that same day that Nancy (while serving a meal for his funeral) was too ill to continue. I went to the hospital in Grand Forks to see her that same evening.

Her husband, Gene, called me just a few minutes after she died.

I went to their home and stayed until the Undertaker came.

Each year the funerals become harder for me. I think that most readers will understand why.

Nancy had talked with me about her funeral a couple of months before she passed away. I'm glad for that. This meant that I had a few weeks to prepare my sermon for her funeral, rather than a couple of days.

Please keep Patty G's. family and Nancy T's. family in your prayers.

She is the 22nd funeral I've had in 18 months.

We've lost a lot of friends. Perhaps this may be why so many pastors choose to leave their congregations for another call after just a few years.

If so, the people who live here don't have a choice. They have to face tragedy every time.

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