Friday, October 31, 2008

Pretty Sunrise: Free verse

Sounds of movement in the other rooms-clock-time-5:30am. Ugh.
Stella's in bed with us.
"Stella, quit putting your finger up my nose."
Squirm, kick.
Out to the kitchen.

Matt made coffee. Thank you.

Voice from the bedroom "Did you leave the camper door open?"
"No." What?

Two new jack-o-lanterns, already carved appear in the hall.
Who did that?
Did the Great Pumpkin visit us?

Getting ready for breakfast: "Who put the cats in the van over night?...You go clean it up."

Milk, cream, juice, the containers wedged into the door compartment.
Matt pulls, the shelf falls.
Cream all over.
Breakfast noise, some mayhem.
Children brokering deals over who does what job for cleanup.
All done.

Donna fills her pants. Her diaper runneth over.
How can such a small child contain so much?
Mary shouts, "Get me the Basic H cleanser mix please."

Little feet running up and down the hall.

"Get out of that room!"
"Pick that up now!"

"Did you get the van clean?
Go sniff the seats.
That's a long time for the cats to be in the van,
maybe they were very good."

Sweep, Mop. Pick-up.

"ub, jeep, wabba, soo, grb," says Donna.

Good morning everyone

"Donna, get out the that closet."

Time for music? "Who broke this?"
"Matt, take the record player out to the burn pile."

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