Saturday, October 11, 2008

An old Email address

I've had my email address since I started as Associate Director of Bethany Lutheran College Library and Professor of Bethany Lutheran College in 1995.

As Lorne Green said in an Alpo commercial in the 1970s, "Duchess is 13, that's like 91 to you and me."

Yahoo has been like Alpo in filtering out my spam. I only get real beef chunks, with no cereal.

I checked my email this morning at around 10am and deleted my spam. Tonight I have 293 unread spam messages. Occasionally the spam filter grabs a legitimate email from a friend or someone else. I check through the spam, but I don't always catch the legitimate email.

So, I'm sorry if I've missed something that one of you sent.

Here are some examples of the spam I get simply because my email address is so old (in "Internet years").

There is some good wisdom in changing one's email address now and again.

The main concern is Identity Theft. A lot of people experience identity theft. They become careless with which companies know their credit card and social security numbers.

There are some companies who are able to protect careless people about identity theft.

I'm not really concerned so far.

The main reason I haven't changed my email address in so many years is that I'm lazy.

Yes, even though I do so much work for my family and parish, I don't want to have to mess with the details of all the Internet service providers about all the things they need to rearrange if I change my email address.

So I get a lot of spam.

I deal with it by pressing "Delete."

How are you all doing tonight?

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