Wednesday, October 29, 2008


O.K. I tried to make cheese tonight.

My sister-in-Law, Lisa, gave me a kit for making cheese two Christmases ago.

I thought that some of the yeasts and bacteria sent with this kit might be dead.

I was wrong.

I was able to get a clean break in the curd fairly quickly.

After the clean break I cut the curd a bunch of different ways.

The point was to make a bunch of small chunks of curd that could loose the whey they contain fairly quickly.

After the curds shrink, then they are put into a hanging cloth to drain.

Draining the curds is easy

I used shoe string and a dish-towel to hang the curds.

We kept the whey for baking and such.

After drying for a while the curds are opened up and broken up into walnut sized chunks. Here are the curds just after hanging and drying, but before breaking.

After the curds are broken they are pressed so that all the whey is removed.

Later on they will be left out to dry and then set to cure fore a couple of months.

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