Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bath time: Some family news

Well, family-wise, we've been doing a lot. Matt and I got the potatoes out of the garden. The harvest was about 50 pounds. I put up about 5 gallons of sauerkraut. It's still fermenting. The wild-grape wine is still bubbling away along with some beet juice, apple, and corn wines.

We still have to preserve some more beets and a bunch of carrots.

We've frozen some garden foods. If the electricity holds out until winter we'll be doing alright.

A week ago, on Friday I finished a search for Matt. He's been asking Mary and Me if he could get a previously owned .30-30 lever action rifle for deer hunting. I called all the dealers from Warrod, Stockholm, Thief River Falls, East Grand Forks and South. They all say, "sorry, we don't have one right now. As soon as we get one in someone buys it."

Matt likes the lever action .30-30 because he got his first deer last year with Darrow L's Winchester model 94.

Well, I found one for him just a few miles south of Wadena at B and R Guns.
Here's a satellite photo of the place on Google Maps:

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Here's how the sale played out. I called B and R Guns. I think I talked to Bryan. He said that they had one used lever action .30-30. It was a Marlin 336. But there was a defect on the gun. The loading port was loose and needed to be fixed. The price was $195. Matt, Mary, Donna, and I went to the gun store.

When we got there Matt and I checked the gun out with a couple of live rounds, but the action froze.

Bryan was really sorry that we'd come all the way from TR to buy the gun. He was able to get the rounds out of the action, and make it work a bit. But the gun needed a gunsmith. So he told Matt that he would sell the gun to him at cost if he wanted it. $100.

Matt accepted.

Last Saturday, after church and Sat. School, I came home and downloaded the diagram and manual for the Marlin 336, I found that the loading port screw was loose. I tightened the screw and the action worked fine.

So I took the gun to Gary Hougan, our TR gunsmith. He'll check it out for any other defects. The inspection will cost about $25.

So, hoping that there are no other problems, Matt got a Marlin 336 for $125. That's a really good deal considering that this particular 1980 model sells for around $350.

OK. Lots of stuff during the week. But fast forward with me to tonight.

Saturday night and Tuesday nights are bath nights for the little kids.

The older kids take their showers as needed.

But Donna wasn't patient enough for us.
Tonight she stepped into the bath with her clothes on.

I was getting supper ready. Mary was working in the living-room.

I heard Sophie cry out about Donna.

I came running to the bathroom and there was Donna, all happy in the tub.

Louisa took care of her while I got supper on.

This evening the kids and I watched "The Forbidden Kingdom" a Jackie Chan and Jet Li movie from last Summer that came through the Library.

After the movie, when everyone was going to bed, Elsie and Clara discovered mice in their room. We brought the cats in and they caught two mice. One got away. I'll have to set up traps this evening.

It's fall. That's when the critters seek warmth.

Even though I threaten that I'll get rid of the cats because of their messes, I'm glad we have them to keep the other critters away.

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