Friday, October 31, 2008

All Saints' Eve

I mentioned a childhood crush in a previous post. I liked "Land of the Lost" a lot as a kid. And I really hoped that whenever I found crystals that I didn't put the wrong color crystals together and send myself into a helpless coma.

Now, how many of you husbands and wives can talk to each other about the crushes you have or had? Mary knows me very well. And we can trust each other with all this kind of information--which could be embarrassing, but--hey, I'm putting this on my blog. So I'm letting the whole world know.

Yeah. I had a crush on Holly.

Mary liked Holly a lot too. She liked her pig-tails, her independence, and her flannel shirt.

Dave S. sent me an email that linked to a photo of the woman who played Holly. Here she is. Kathy Coleman. The link leads to her IMDB entry. She doesn't have a lot because Adam 12 and Land of the Lost were her only acting jobs. In the real world she had a family.

Somewhere, several years ago, I read that she owned a store selling clothes in Southern California.

Good on ya', Kathy. And God bless.

Apparently there is a new movie of Land of the Lost coming out with Will Ferrell starring as Holly's Father, Park Ranger Rick Marshall (known in the TV series as "Marshal" or "Daddy, do something pleassssss!!!!"). I think I'll go to see that movie in the theater. I'm sure he will put the wrong crystals together, even with Enik's advice.

With all the family mayhem through the day, we made it to bedtime.

Matthew is spending the night at Cameron L.'s place scaring the trick-or-treaters. Louisa went to Oklee to help out in the community festivities.

And I got pulled over tonight by Dale B's son, he's a sheriff department deputy. I was going too fast. No ticket, no written warning. Yes. I'll pay more attention to my speed and less to talk radio and the deer in the ditches. I guess that is some kind of compromise.

Thanks for letting me off so lightly. (Everyone in our locality will know who this is. Sorry. But I'm just glad that we have peace officers who are more concerned about real crime than someone's simple oversight.)

But All Saints' Eve is really about remembering the believers who have gone before us and their testimony to faith in Christ.

Read Hebrews chapter 11. It's in the Bible. Note that many, if not most, of the saints listed there were not necessarily supported by friends, family, community or church. Especially note Isaac. He wasn't even supported by his own works. Contrary to his own wishes, he blessed Jacob rather than Esau. And this, God says, was done by faith, not by works. Now read Ephesians chapter 2 about faith and works.

God bless, Happy All Saints' Day.

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