Monday, September 15, 2008

Giant Puff Ball

I'm not going to try to catch up on what has gone on in the past few weeks. I'm too busy.

So, here it is, what happened now.

My grandparents, my mother's parents, came to visit this weekend. This will probably be the last time they drive up. They were here when Stella was born. We are sad that age has made it impossible for them to come up again, but we are thankful for this visit.

Grandma and Grandpa stayed from Thursday to this morning. We had a dinner at Oak Park on Sunday. Somehow they always seemed to have come during a birth or a church dinner.

Some days ago Barb brought over some apples. I made applesauce, canned it, and made a batch of raw must for apple wine. I hope it turns out.

Jaime and I went to a winery to find out about how to deal with Jaime's wild grapes. He's got a lot. He thinks maybe 700 to 1000 pounds. Could be interesting.

Monday was our circuit pastors' meeting. We had two guest pastors. But this isn't about that meeting. It's about what Elsie found at Pastor Stafford's place.

Elsie found a mushroom called "The Giant Puffball."

Yeah, it's big.

And in England one slice at a restaurant costs about $40.

When we got home in the evening we washed it up. Elsie cut it up. And I put a few slices under the broiler.

There was way too much for us to eat in one sitting, so we called some friends to see if they wanted some.

If you are in short driving distance from us we have some that you can have. All I can say is that it is wonderful. It has the texture of the best Angelfood cake that you ever had. It has a nice light nutty flavor. And, it takes on whatever seasoning you add.

I really like it. Most of the kids and Mary liked it too. But we have too much. Yes, Amy and Shawn, we ate it. Yum. Yes, it came from next to the cemetery, so does most of our asparagus.

According to lots of different sources it freezes fairly well and dries pretty well. So it can be used later.

Look it up. We got some, if you want it.

First come, first served.

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