Monday, August 18, 2008

Technical Difficulties, Please stand by

This post is backdated.

Back in the golden age of TV the words "Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By" sometimes were shown on the TV screen when something went wrong.

Something has gone wrong. Whether on Windows or Linux my web browser crashes when I'm trying to put images up to blogger. Mac fiends will have a joy day.

I've been trying to post for 2 weeks. But I have so many other things to attend to that I can't afford the time to trouble-shoot this problem. I get something written up then poof, the post disappears. GRRRRR.

I hope to have some solution next week (the second week of September), and I will backdate some posts.

I've got so many photos to put up, but I'll probably have to forgo them if the problem continues.

Please be patient.

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A Stafford said...

Ha, ha, ha. Hee, hee, hee.

From: Shawn and Amy's Mac