Thursday, August 07, 2008

Mary wants me to explain

Mary wants me to explain a bit about her high-school. Some of you might have followed the link to the following picture of her high-school:

But you might not have followed the link to the Wikipedia page. So, here's about her high-school in brief.

The campus started in 1880 by Fr. Campion as a Jesuit school (a very good web page here). In 1975 the Jesuits closed the school.

In 1979 the Wisconsin Ev. Luth. Synod opened the campus as Martin Luther Prep School. This operated until 1995. Mary graduated in 1985.

The campus was sold to the state and became a boys reformatory after MLPS closed.

Whenever we get the opportunity to drive through town I like to point out the big letters MLPS on the smokestack behind the razor-wire fence and tell the kids "Hey, kids, you think homeschooling is tough, look where your mom went to school."

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