Monday, August 11, 2008

Lake Kegonza St. Park

We left Marge's cabin for Lake Kegonza St. Park.

We spent from Wed the 6th through Mon the 11th at the park. Friends from the Madison area came to visit us at our tent site. Lydia and her family came out to camp with us thursday night.

I put a lot of photos in this post for flavor. I was still pretty weak and sick through Thursday. But the kids seem to have had a good time

Shelley and Keen's kids came over to play.

I didn't get a photo of Bruce and Kathy when they were here, but Louisa got a photo of a power substation that Bruce built. I hope this will work.

MacKenzie kept getting more and more chips.

We had campfires nightly.

Ben came out to visit us a couple of evenings.

One of our tents sleeps 9 fairly comfortably.

Our campsite neighbor was a magician. I'll try to post his website when I find his card again. Nice family.

Jim and Nancy brought Aree out to play with the kids.
The park had a beach (with an E. Coli warning-though the beach was not closed). One day the girls went into Madison to see a movie (Kit Kitteridge or something like that)

So, Lake Kegonza St. Park campground is a place one could go to in hopes that one could see, hear, smell, experience Nature (or something close to it). Poison Ivy is common. The campground is a mile and a half away from the interstate (90) so one can still hear the highway sounds. Madison's airport has a flight path for landing directly above the campground. And the pit toilets were about 50 yards away. Sights, sounds, smells.
Actually, it wasn't that bad. It was really nice, actually, with the friends visiting.

Lisa, Michael, Lydia, and Joshua came out to visit several times even after Lisa and the kids camped with us the second night.

Beth came out from Madison several times, once on bicycle.

A nice big group shot with Beth, Lisa, Lisa's kids, and Shelly's kids.

Sunday we went to church at Grace in Madison. The Yagla's were there, Pr. Gullixson preached a great sermon, and Joyce was there with many other old friends. Ed was sick and in the hospital. So I stopped by to visit him before we went back to the campsite to be with other friends.
I know this was a pretty scattered post. Tough.

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